Custom Garage Doors To Fit Any Opening

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Coordinating the different design elements of your home is of paramount importance when it comes to home renovation.  Your Garage door is a major part of you home, and a door that compliments your home's overall style will increase the value of your home.  Allied Garage Door offers a range of competitively priced custom wooden doors, so you won't have to sacrifice the integrated appearance of your home's exterior.

If your home or garage has a few architectural quirks, you may be less concerned with materials.  Never fear – Allied Garage Doors makes custom doors for almost every shape and size of garage.  Our team of professionals will measure your garage's headroom, backroom, and sideroom dimensions, then give you a free estimate on the custom garage door that best suits your needs.

If you're using your garage for more than just storage, it's really another room in your home.  We can help you get the weatherproofing you need to make your garage as comfortable as any room in the house.  Our garage door experts will inform you about options like door thickness and “R-Value”.  We offer custom garage doors with collaborative insulation that will make your garage a versatile and useful space.

Custom Commercial Garage Doors

If you run a business with a garage door near the windy city, our Allied Garage Door contractors can perform a thorough assessment to meet the regional “High Wind ratings.  We offer steel insulated models, fire-rated models and more that will stand up to tough conditions and keep your business running smoothly.  With the intense storms in this part of the country, you aren't willing to risk your business with a low-quality garage door, and neither are we!  Our custom commercial garage doors are a sound business investment that will keep things running smoothly and safely.

Before you spend a large amount of your business' money on an off-the-assembly-line garage door, consult with our experts and learn what our manufacturers can custom build for you.  For a free quote, call us today, toll-free at (888) 366-7999  To learn more about the repairs we offer and a complete list of the areas we serve, click here.